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December 12 2014

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"My life without me"
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December 10 2014

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BAHFest West 2014 - Matt Inman: Jibbers Crabst

December 03 2014

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60 Minutes: Sir Nicholas Winton "Saving the Children"

December 02 2014

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World's Simplest Electric Train 【世界一簡単な構造の電車】

November 30 2014

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Just chilling, dog

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kapital & arbeit: wenns um geld geht - sparkasse!

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pap pap

good creb

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November 28 2014

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whoever did this….incredible..

The Painting is called A Tale of Two Hoodies, and it was done by Michael D’antuono

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A turducken is a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. A Cthurkey is an octopus stuffed inside a turkey and garnished with crab legs and bacon. The dish is named in honor of our Lord Cthulhu whose dreadful reign will hopefully begin soon.
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November 25 2014

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not making it any worse
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