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September 01 2015

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August 31 2015

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August 30 2015

Wenn man ihnen sagt: „Wir brauchen Euch nicht“, antworten sie: „Das wissen wir längst.“ „Wir sind das Pack“ haben sie gerufen, als Angela Merkel jetzt endlich das Flüchtlingsheim im berüchtigten Heidenau besucht hat. Ihr erstes.
Der Soziologe Wilhelm Heitmeyer hat schon vor Jahren prophezeit: „Unsere Analysen lassen erwarten, dass eine Zunahme menschenfeindlicher Einstellungen und Verhaltensweisen davon abhängt, inwieweit immer mehr Menschen in unsichere Arbeits- und Lebensverhältnisse, politische Ohnmachtsempfindungen und instabile emotionale Situationen, kurz: in prekäre Anerkennungsverhältnisse geraten.“ So ist es eingetreten. Je weniger Anerkennung ein Mensch selbst erfährt, desto weniger kann er für andere Menschen aufbringen.
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August 28 2015

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August 23 2015

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August 21 2015

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Ben franklin was a wise man
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August 18 2015

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August 14 2015

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I think I broke Harry Potter




So it’s 3AM and It’s just occurred to me that the most telling scene in the entire Harry Potter franchise is the scene following the announcement of the participants of the Triwizard tournament.

When Harry’s name is pulled out of the cup, literally one of the first things he is asked is “did you ask an older boy to put your name in the cup for you?“ or something to that effect, insinuating that, that was something nobody prepared for and that it was something that totally would have worked if anyone had been smart enough to figure it out.

However, in an earlier scene a student is turned into a hundred year old man when they try to artificially age themselves with a potion and put their name into the cup. Meaning someone trying to dangerously age themselves with potion they aren’t familiar with was something the teachers genuinely considered to be more likely than someone asking for fucking help from another student.

In other words, the wizards in Harry Potter’s world are so reliant on magic that it doesn’t occur to anyone save for people like Harry that asking for help is even an option in a given situation. This explains why wizards are so fucking ass-backwards at everything, they’re so confident that their magic is capable of doing everything for them that it has never occurred to fucking anyone that perhaps asking for help from the muggle world might be of some use.

Think about it, the wizarding world hasn’t changed in hundreds of years while in that same space of time the muggle world has figured out fucking space travel. I know it’s a cliché to say to say someone could have fucking shot Voldemort, but seriously, somebody totally fucking could have, he killed like 50 people, he was effectively a terrorist, if anyone in the wizarding world bothered to ask for help from the muggles instead of just telling them there was an invisible asshole flying around shooting death curses at everyone, they may have been able to help. 

Pretty much the only reason Voldermort thinks he’s better than muggles is because he’s able to kill them with impunity using magic, something he’s only able to do so easily because muggles don’t understand what magic is. Voldemort is basically like a fucking disease, he’s an invisible, lurking entity preying on mankind from the shadows like a cowardly piece of shit. You know what else did that? Smallpox and we stomped that to death the second we understood it. That’s the difference between muggles and wizards, when muggles don’t understand something, they figure it out.

And here’s the kicker, the only reason muggles don’t understand magic at all is because the wizarding world deliberately withholds information about it. However, even if the wizarding world kept doing that, it’d only be a matter of time until a muggle figured out what magic was and how to stop or harness it because that’s what humanity does, it pushes past what we think is impossible to see what’s on the other side. We didn’t understand the sun as a species originally and now we use it to power satellites and smartphones.

The wizarding world isn’t a realm of infinite possibilities, it’s a universe of strict limitations where boundaries are never questioned. The muggle world is where the real magic happens. That’s why during the course of the Harry Potter books, which are set between 1991 and 1998, the muggle world (our world) discovered dark matter, cloned a sheep and invented fucking MP3s while the wizarding world were literally paying some dipshit to figure out what the purpose of a rubber duck was.

Wow, I really shouldn’t think about this stuff when it’s like 3AM, it gets kind of dark.

#the wizarding world prides itself on standing still #because they think they’re already at the pinnacle #but they’re not and one of these days they’ll find that out the hard way

The wizarding world is hella conservative, if you think about it

August 02 2015

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July 29 2015

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